Thanks for the quick response Justin.

First, I should mention that I am fairly new to this. With that said, here 
is what im trying to do. 
    def doubleClickedItem(self):
        """for when an item is double clicked """
        theListWidget = self.sender()
        currentItem = theListWidget.currentItem()
        currentItemText = currentItem.text()

So, the idea is that I capture the sender item and changed its color to red 
after is doublecliked. But all the documentation I can find is in c++ and 
have not come across python examples. I am sure its prob very easy to port 
those examples to python, however, i am still learning and currently 
stumped by this. 

On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 10:54:50 AM UTC+2, Juan Tigreros wrote:
> Hi everyone! 
> Perhaps this is a simple question but I can seemed to succeed at googling 
> it. Maybe someone here can help?
> I would like to change the text color of a text or background color if the 
> item in a qlistwidget? I am double clicking on an item and will like to 
> change the color of it, then change it back once i double clicked in 
> another item in the list. Any ideas?

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