I need to modify the path set for an image sequence on a texture file.
First, when I try to get the path using getAttr, instead of having the same
string in the field:


I get the first file of the sequence instead:


I suppose this is a bug in Maya?...

This was set by the people working on the textures, and they didn't know
doing it automatically would not generate a #### pattern, but that <f>.

So, after modifying that path, I need to generate the right path ending
again, replacing that number for <f> or ####.

If I change to ####, Arnold (which is the plugin that will eventually uses
it), doesn't get the texture that used to work. Weird, because if you
change it by hand on Maya, it works.

If I set <f> , Arnold returns "unknown token <f>" error.

This is not an Arnold problem. The thing is that changing that using code
breaks the path somehow.

Any ideas?



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