Ok, we’ve made an alpha version of this to test with.

If you’re interested in compiling Qt Designer files for use across
bindings, your help would be most appreciated. The rule is, .ui files are
first compiled with the PySide2 compiler, and then converted to Qt.py.

$ pip install Qt.py
$ pyside2-uic my_ui.ui -o my_ui.py
$ python -m Qt --convert my_ui.py# Creating "my_ui_backup.py"..#
Successfully converted "my_ui.py"

The resulting Python module should be compatible with every binding. If
it’s not, submit a bug report or pull-request and we’ll see it fixed!

In Maya 2017, the compiler executable will be located in your Maya
installation directory, alongside mayapy and maya.

Let me know how that works for you!

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