So I did a new code (after some more thinking...) Do feel free to criticize 
and give pointers..
I tested a few scenarios and it seems to work, at least I think it did..

However now I am bumping into another problem.
Say, I have 2 same hierarchy of Root as seen in the attachment but the root 
nodes of these 2 are called 'Root1' and 'Root2' respectively.

If I select |Root1|locator1|pCube1 and |Root2|locator2|pCube2, it will 
returns me "|Root1" as the result. But if I inverse my selection, "|Root2" 
will be my output result.
What is the best way to get around it? Is putting in more checking or 
if-else statements a viable solution?

Sorry for the spam of questions and codes..

def get_selection():
   sel =, long=True)
   stkLevel_node =, type="stkLevel")
   if stkLevel_node:
       if len(stkLevel_node) > 1:
           cmds.warning("Please select 1 stkLevel node only")
           return stkLevel_node
        root_node = []
        for sel_path in sel:
            split_sel_path = sel_path.split('|')[1]
            if split_sel_path not in root_node:
        return, long=True)[0]

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