Hi all, so I have managed to store the initial shaders connection and it is 
currently working by using the above example that I have linked where they 
are stored as an extra attribute in a locator.

Currently I am stumped in an issue, where should the name of the said geo 
be changed, it should also changed the naming in the dict within that extra 
One of the elements' naming in the dict:

If the hierarchy is renamed to:
*'|Stack|model_A|group_01|roof_grp|roof_geoShape'*, the model_from_groupA 
(second level in the full path) should be named to model_A. 
Only that 'particular level' in hierarchy will be touched upon

While it works correctly for 1 object in scene, but if I have 2 or more 
objects, the renaming process will works but it is renaming incorrectly to 
the wrong objects.
Suppose the current dict values (before any nodes are renamed in scene) is:
cur_keytext_in_dict = {

And if I renamed, model_from_groupA to model_A and model_from_groupB to 
model_B, I can get the following results:
See that model_B is renamed to the model_A geos and vice verse for model_A

I tried the following code:
cur_keytext_in_dict = {
cur_name_in_scene = [

for split_name in cur_name_in_scene:
    split_check = split_name.split("|", 4)[4]

But how can I replace the 'front' portion of the correct code after 

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