Hey Justin,
thanks for the good tricks and advises. Unfortunately your piece of code 
seems only to work for the Legacy Render Layers. If I run that command 
within maya 2017, the renderlayer is copied, but it is not showing up in 
the new Render Layer Editor. 

Here is my way how I create a new Renderlayer + Collection + Override.

from maya.app import renderSetup
rs = renderSetup.model.renderSetup.instance()
ov = renderSetup.model.override
# Create layer, collection, override
layer_obj = rs.createRenderLayer('MyFirstLayer')
collec_obj = layer_obj.createCollection('MyFirstCollection')
over_obj = collec_obj.createOverride('MyFirstOverride', 
ov.AbsOverride.kTypeId) #absolute

Can I find somewere if the "renderSetup.model.renderSetup.instance()" has a 
duplicate fuction?

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