Works like a charm, Zeth. I am able to add, delete, move order of python 
paths in a nice little GUI. Awesome! Thanks so much!


On Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 12:43:07 PM UTC-8, zeth willie wrote:
> Hey Jason-
> I've attached a script that I wrote a while back that may be useful for 
> stuff like this. Put it in your scripts folder (instructions for executing 
> in the header) and it will help manage your python paths (add, remove, 
> reorder). The first tab lets you save/load paths for quickly loading common 
> paths you use, the second tabs show the item in your python path in order 
> and lets you change a few things. Nothing too fancy, but might be helpful 
> for seeing what's going on.
> I assume dropping a file here isn't an issue. I'm sure I have it handy 
> online (somewhere other than in a big repo on github) if this doesn't work
> Zeth

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