am new to python..I try to create a button with a ui..for the first time 
its ok.. if i try to run the script for the 2nd time its shows 
myrigshortcut is not unique. please help me to rectify this

import maya.cmds as christy

if christy.dockControl('MyRigShortcut', exists=True):
    christy.deleteUI('MyRigShortcut', window=True)

myWindow = christy.window( iconName='Short Name', widthHeight=(200, 55) )
christy.columnLayout( adjustableColumn=True )
christy.button (label = 'Show/Hide Joint', c = 'HideShow()')

def HideShow():
    jointList = []
    jointList = = 'joint' )
    for j in jointList:
        n = christy.getAttr (j+'.drawStyle')
        if (n==0):
buttonForm = christy.formLayout( parent = myWindow)             

christy.dockControl( 'MyRigShortcut',area='left', content= myWindow , 
allowedArea='left' )

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