I'm relatively new in the matrix game , I'm trying to apply some rotation , 
position and scale in one matrix on a object,
and it did work , I just had to multiply the matrices together to obtain 
one transformation matrix, it does its job but the problem is that I need at
some point to revert the changes, like all of them , and when I'm trying to 
inverse the "master matrix" I open a black hole and the object is no longer 
how it was before


# matrix to position to center
pos_mat = om.MMatrix( [ 
        (-o.x,-o.y,-o.z,1) ] )    

# matrix to flatten on y
scale_mat = om.MMatrix( [ 
        (0,0,0,1)] )    

fnmat = ( pos_mat * rot_mat ) * scale_mat
# fnmat = pos_mat

for i in xrange( fnm.numVertices ):
    fnm.setPoint( i , fnm.getPoint( i) * fnmat )
        # fnm.getPoint( i) * fnmat.inverse() to reverse does not work / is 
odd looking

so the question is how to reverse several transformations with one 'reverse 
matrix' if it's possible

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