Hey guys,

That's probably a silly question but I've been wondering this for a while
and always figured something else, but now i'm kinda stucked. Using Maya
2018 / Windows

How do get/set small arrays within the Python API ?
For example, MfnTransform has the following function prototype:
(double scale[3]) const

And when calling it from the Python API returns the same prototype:

in method 'MFnTransform_getScale', argument 2 of type 'double [3]' //

According to SWIG documentation
<http://www.swig.org/Doc1.3/Python.html#Python_nn62> (which Autodesk used
for its Python bindings), one should use tuples to do it (but it has to be
implemented on the API side)

Here is what I tried:

import maya.OpenMaya as om

selList = om.MSelectionList()
oNode = om.MObject()
selList.getDependNode(0, oNode)
joint = om.MFnTransform(oNode)
scale = (0, 0, 0)

But I always get the following error:

# TypeError: in method 'MFnTransform_getScale', argument 2 of type 'double
[3]' //

Tried with [], [0, 0, 0], om.MFloatArray(), None... but was never able to
query that property correctly. What's the supposed way of making this work
? Or does it just nit work at all and I'm obliged to use PyMel for those ?

Any insights appreciated

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