I can't figure out why py2app is building a only semi-standalone bundle app.
Any advice appreciated, including where to look for why the decision is made
to build semi-standalone.

I conclude that the result is semi-standalone because:
- it fails to run if I move the system python framework out of the paths in
sys.path, but otherwise works fine
- there is nothing under <bundle app name>.app/Content/Frameworks

- Brand new (well old, but recently crashed and now with a new hard-drive)
Mac OSX system with OSX 10.3 with all updates
- Apple developer tools from a disk image 'Panther_7B85_DeveloperCD.dmg"
- Using the Apple-installed python 2.3 in /System/Library/Frameworks, no
other Python installed
Have installed three third-party Python packages;
   - fontTools, by Just von Rossum,
   - numpy
   - py2app from the zip file py2app-0.2-py2.3-macosx10.3.zip

My setup.py file is invoked with the command "python FDKsetup.py py2app",
and generates no error messages. The setup file contains following:
from distutils.core import setup
import py2app

import os
import sys

programsDir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
programsDir = os.path.dirname(programsDir)
focusDir = os.path.join(programsDir, "focus","focusdll","exe","osx")
acDir = os.path.join(programsDir, "AC","exe","osx")


py2app_options = dict(
    packages=["fontTools", "numpy"],
     includes = ["PyAC", "PyACDebug",
                "focusdll", "focusdllDebug",


        # Each command is allowed to have its own
        # options, so we must specify that these
        # options are py2app specific.

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