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>> BTW. Has anyone experience with using LLDB on Sierra? I’m currently running 
>> Sierra in a VM and for some reason LLDB doesn’t appear to work, in an SSH 
>> session I cannot start programs at all and on the console a crashing bug in 
>> the interpreter exists the interpreter instead of breaking into the 
>> debugger. That’s rather annoying when you’re trying to a debug a crash on 
>> 10.12 that doesn’t happen on 10.11.
> Ever since the introduction of SIP, system-level debugging tools like LLDB 
> have worked very poorly for me, even on self-built executables.  I don't see 
> a difference in its behavior on 10.11 vs. 10.12 though.  I can run it on 
> `curl` from Homebrew, but not `python`; my guess being that Python is trying 
> to dlopen() some SIP-protected thing whereas `curl` is loading only things 
> from Homebrew?
> If it's a VM, then system integrity is less of a concern; have you tried just 
> blanket disabling SIP to see if that improves the situation?  I've had some 
> luck with other tools (dtrace, mostly) working in that configuration.  (I had 
> to totally disable SIP though, disabling one flag at a time didn't work.)

I haven’t had problems with SIP on 10.11. This also doesn’t seem to be a SIP 
issue, I got the same behavior after disabling SIP.

I did manage to debug on the VM’s console by explicitly running the Python 
interpreter inside the framework (Python.app/Contents/MacOS/Python) instead of 
the launcher in {sys.prefix}/bin.  This doesn’t work in an SSH session though. 
That’s a bit annoying, but is workable until I get around to installing sierra 
on my main machine.   


P.S. I’m debugging using a Python.org <http://python.org/> install of 
python3.5, not using the /System installation of Python2.7. Using the latter is 
asking for problems when working on a package that Apple also ships. 

> -glyph
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