Richard MQ <> writes:

> Arto Jantunen wrote:
>> I'm not sure what might be going on here, but you aren't running the
>> application version on that branch. That would report 1.12.1-final as
>> version, not 1.11.0-dev like you have in this log. Perhaps something
>> from a previous install remains somewhere and confuses things?
>> In any case, to test the code all you need to do is check out the branch
>> and run the application in place as "./bin/pytrainer".
> Hi again Arto
> yes I noticed the version mismatch. The problem seems to be that from
> the github page you linked to there are 2 means of getting the code:
>  1. git clone
> leads to
>> INFO:root:pytrainer version 1.11.0-dev
> (and the application Help >- About also reports 1.11.0-dev)
> But
> 2. downloading a zip works as expected, reporting 1.12.1 and a slightly
> different appearance, once libwebkitgtk3-devel was installed.
> Is this a github bug or an admin issue with the page?

Mostly a UI issue between github and git. If you git clone that url the
default branch (master) is checked out, and you need to do "git checkout
gtk3" to get to the branch that needed testing. I don't think there is a
very good solution to that (git url's can't easily specify the branch to
check out).

Arto Jantunen

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