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@Mvolz , even if the PHP extension supported a 'more' standardised format, AFAIK there is no generic python library that loads any standardised format.

All of the existing python code I can find is non-standard formats and "good enough" migration scripts, or readers that are part of a very large codebase with a data model designed for a specific website. If we need to design and build a generic data model in python, we may as well require that it can support the existing Wikiversity quiz concepts and serialization.

And unless the PHP extension also *imported* data from another format, any Python tool would still need to know how to serialise to the Quiz format in order to modify quiz on Wikiversity.

The MVP for this project is bi-directional support. Tools need to be able to parse and update Quiz data on Wikiversity. Almost every other embedded content in wikitext is in a format that has parsers and python libraries - this one doesnt.

One of the main use-cases I have heard of is people wanting to import quiz's from other systems into Wikiversity, usually to back-up their materials due to other mooc/quiz systems going offline, or being upgraded and they are told they will need to rebuild all their quiz, etc.

Another use-case is the ability to generate a custom/personalised quiz (in python) and push it to a Wikiversity user page.



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