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copied from script:

Known issues/FIXMEs (no critical issues known):

  • make it use pagegenerators.py
    • Implemented in rewrite
  • Some variable names are in Spanish, which makes the code harder to read.
    • Almost all variables are now in English
  • Depending on sorting within a file category, the "next batch" is sometimes not working, leading to an endless loop
    • Using pagegenerators now
  • Different wikis can have different exclusion lists. A parameter for the exclusion list Uploadbot.localskips.txt would probably be nice.
  • Bot should probably use API instead of query.php
    • Api? Query? Wikipedia.py!
  • Should request alternative name if file name already exists on Commons
    • Implemented in rewrite
  • Exits after last file in category was processed, aborting all pending threads.
    • Implemented proper threading in rewrite
  • Should take user-config.py as input for project and lang variables
    • Implemented in rewrite
  • Should require a Commons user to be present in user-config.py before working
  • Should probably have an input field for additional categories
  • Should probably have an option to change uploadtext with file
  • required i18n options for NowCommons template (f.e. {{subst:ncd}} on en.wp. Currently needs customisation to work properly. Bot was tested succesfully on nl.wp (12k+ files copied and deleted locally) and en.wp (about 100 files copied and SieBot has bot approval for tagging {{ncd}} with this bot)
    • Implemented
  • {{NowCommons|xxx}} requires the namespace prefix Image: on most wikis and can be left out on others. This needs to be taken care of when implementing i18n
    • Implemented
  • This bot should probably get a small tutorial at meta with a few screenshots.

(Might be splitted in subtasks)



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