Mpaa added a comment.

What is the error exactly?
I get this:

mpaa@tools-bastion-03:~/core {master}$ python scripts/ -mysqlquery:"SELECT page_namespace, page_title FROM page WHERE page_namespace = 0 LIMIT 15"
   1 "?"
   2 "A Bruised Reed Shall He Not Break"
   3 "A Family Sketch"
   4 "A Little While"
   5 "A Morris for May-Day"
   6 "Abstinence sows sand all over"
   7 "Amarillis I Did Woo"
   8 "And the sins of the fathers shall be"
   9 "And with what body do they come?" --
  10 "And with what body do they come?" —
  11 "Arcturus" is his other name --
  12 "Arcturus" is his other name —
  13 "As the Coming of Dawn"
  14 "Ave Caesar"
  15 "Back to the Army Again"
15 page(s) found



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