The only bot I know of that does this today is InternetArchiveBot ( ) which is
written in PHP but might have some good suggestions.

In general a reference archive bot based on pywikibot feels like something
which could definitely be useful.


On 8 Aug 2017 00:19, "Nick Doty" <> wrote:

Hi pywikibot developers,

As recommended
Development#Development I wanted to write to say hello. I'm a graduate
student at UC Berkeley working on Internet privacy.

I'm interested in using pywikibot to automatically make archives of certain
external URLs that are included in a private MediaWiki instance that we're
using as a repository of educational resources. I'd like to automatically
check external URLs that are provided by users/curators of our wiki and
create permanent external archives (through or similar services)
so that these annotated resources can be useful even as URLs age and
expire. To start with, I'm looking at the and seeing how
I might modify or extend it. If some of this functionality already exists
or I should look elsewhere, I would be very interested in pointers or
recommendations. Similarly, if there are others who would find a
link-archiving script useful, I'd love to collaborate or understand other's
use cases.

Nick Doty
UC Berkeley, School of Information

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