I have the same difficult,
wandering if you found a solution for this.


Il giorno lunedì 7 dicembre 2015 15:20:22 UTC+1, aujo...@gmail.com ha 
> Hi, 
> This may be a really silly question but when I want to execute a simple 
> script with only one file of code using F5 (which seems the most 
> appropriate way) the current working folder of the shell is not updated to 
> the folder of the script (like it woud in matlab for instance). 
> I also noticed that in the right panel it is possible to show some sort of 
> explorer from which I can load python files for instance. 
> My question is : How do you "tell" pyzo to run the script in its folder 
> (which would be convenient when using external data files). 
> Is it possible to change the current directory the explorer I was talking 
> about (like in Matlab)? 
> I am asking this because I cannot use the autocompletion in the python 
> shell when using the cd command which makes it really tedious to use. 
> Thanks a lot.

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