Version 4.5.1 is now available, which fixes a few small  bugs that were introduced in the former release.

On 08/02/2018 15:20, Almar Klein wrote:
I'm happy to announce a new Pyzo release!

Release notes:

* Add toggle case and printify in Edit menu (#518 by kelsa-pi).
* Add syntax highlighting for builtins and `self` (#519 by kelsa-pi).
* Suppress errors for unfound files on startup (#520 by Federico Miorelli). * Don't try to open source file for e.g. ``open ('foo.txt')`` (#515 by Yann Salmon). * Allow files with spaces to run as script in IPython (#514 by Yehuda Davis). * Replace single/all/all files now available as combo box (includes #513 by Antoine Fourmy).
* Allow for a site-wide config file (#512 by Yann Salmon).
* Fix for when ipython checkbox is set but ipython is not available (#517).
* Support for event loop integration with asyncio.
* Add syntax highlighting for async and await keywords.
* Add syntax highlighting for textual Web Assembly (.wat).


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