FAILURE: BROWSER=chrome,MEDIAWIKI_ENVIRONMENT=beta,PLATFORM=Linux,label=BrowserTests Build #333 (Fri, 23 Feb 2018 18:49:00 +0000)

Test Result

18 failed, 6 skipped

Failed Tests

Test NameDurationAge
Issues.Clicking page issues opens overlay3 ms1
Language selection.Checking that the suggested language link has been created4.9 sec1
Language selection.Checking that there are no suggested language links4.6 sec1
Language selection.Closing language overlay (browser button)5.2 sec1
Language selection.Closing language overlay (overlay button)4.7 sec1
Language selection.Language button46 ms1
Language selection.Language button (on a page that doesn't have languages)4.4 sec1
Language selection.Tapping icon does not open language overlay (on a page that doesn't have languages)5 sec1
Language selection.Tapping icon opens language overlay4.8 sec1
Language selection.Tapping the disabled icon shows a toast4.7 sec1
Menus open correct page for anonymous users.Check links in menu10 ms1
Notification.Opening notifications3 ms1
Page actions menu when anonymous.I cannot edit a protected page when anonymous5.4 sec1
Page actions menu when anonymous.Receive notification message - Watchlist Icon10 sec1
Reference popup drawer.Closing the reference drawer9.1 sec1
Reference popup drawer.Opening a nested reference8.3 sec1
Reference popup drawer.Opening the reference drawer3.6 sec1
Talk.A newly created topic appears in the list of topics immediately39 sec1

All Tests

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