FAILURE: BROWSER=firefox,MEDIAWIKI_ENVIRONMENT=beta,PLATFORM=Linux,label=BrowserTests Build #396 (Thu, 12 Apr 2018 18:49:00 +0000)

Test Result

7 failed, 6 skipped

Failed Tests

Test NameDurationAge
Issues.Clicking page issues opens overlay3 ms1
Language selection.Language button9.8 sec1
Language selection.Language button (on a page that doesn't have languages)36 sec1
Language selection.Tapping icon opens language overlay34 sec1
Page diff.Added and removed content1 min 10 sec1
Wikitext Editor.Closing editor (overlay button)8 ms1
Wikitext Editor (Makes actual saves).Successful edit on page without languages shows no language button [bug 63675]16 ms1

All Tests

(root)22 min7669

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