FAILURE: BROWSER=chrome,MEDIAWIKI_ENVIRONMENT=test,PLATFORM=Linux,label=DebianJessie && contintLabsSlave Build #300 (Sat, 11 Aug 2018 19:47:00 +0000)

Test Result

26 failed, 173 skipped

Failed Tests

Test NameDurationAge
Add badges to sitelinks.Sitelink badge UI is there20 ms63
Adding references to statements.Reference UI has all required elements31 ms63
Creating statements.Statement UI has all required elements11 ms63
Creating statements of type item.Adding a statement of type item (outline example : | item1 | click the statement save button |)9 ms63
Creating statements of type string.Adding a statement of type string (outline example : | it's a string | press the RETURN key in the claim value input field |)7 ms63
Edit aliases.Type new alias7 ms63
Edit description.Modify the description4 ms63
Edit label.Modify the label8 ms63
Edit sitelinks.Sitelink UI has all required elements7 ms63
Edit tab.Edit tab3.6 sec63
Empty label and description behaviour.Description UI is shown correctly when description is empty3 ms63
Setting ranks of statements.Check indicated rank12 ms63
Setting snaktypes of statements.Click the snaktype selector18 ms63
Special:SetLabel page.Add a label5 min 8 sec63
Special:SetLabel page.Anonymous user gets warning2.4 sec63
Special:SetLabel page.Edit an existing label5 min 8 sec63
Special:SetLabel page.Edit using an invalid ID fails2.4 sec63
Special:SetLabel page.Edit using an invalid language fails5 min 8 sec63
Special:SetLabel page.Logged in user does not get warning7 sec63
Special:SetLabel page.Special:SetLabel page has all required elements2.4 sec63
Use header.Header UI has all required elements8 ms63
Using geo properties in statements.Geo UI should work properly14 ms63
Using monolingual properties in statements.Monolingual UI should work properly12 ms63
Using quantity properties in statements.Quantity UI should work properly12 ms63
Using time properties in statements.Time UI should work properly25 ms63
Using url properties in statements.Check UI for invalid values (outline example : | this is no url |)4 ms63

All Tests

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