Hello fine fellows,

There recently was another incompatible ABI change in a core library in
Fedora.  This did spark a lot of discussions, especially in the thread

The good news is that incompatible ABI change was caught by our
task-abicheck task.

The less good news is nobody got aware of the result of the task because
the maintainer was most likely not notified.  Because by default,
notifications about the result of this task are turned off.  And another
message to the thread I mentionned above shows that it's not that easy
to turn those notifications on without making any mistake:

I guess my point is that experience is showing us that if this kind of
notification is not enabled by default, people are just not aware of it.

I am thus proposing that notifications about the results of
task-abicheck that are either NEEDS_INSPECTION or FAILED be sent to
maintainers of the relevant packages *by default*.

There is also a proposal about making Bodhi to block the automatic push
of a given build to the stable repository *if* the task-abicheck result
for that build is either NEEDS_INSPECTION or FAILED.  I obviously agree
with this latest proposal, of course.  But I think it should come in
*addition* to making maintainers aware of (possible) incompatible ABI
changes of their packages *early*, at Koji build time, giving them a
chance to fix things before they reach the Bodhi stage.

What do you think?

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