I submitted a revision today which makes some slight modification to
how the doit.py script is building docs, rpms and tarballs.


My intention is to get this deployed to a non-staging setup soon but I
wanted to reach out to see if anyone had an issue for the URLs that
would end up being used.


This path would contain docs for <projectname> built per branch for
non-master branches and per-release-version when triggered on the
master branch. The 'latest' symlink will always be updated to point at
the most recent build on the master branch


Pretty much the same thing as for docs but with the rpms, srpms and
tarball(s) created during the CI build.

Does this seem sane to everyone? Any comments/questions/suggestions? I'd
like to get the auto-docs functionality deployed soon - hopefully right
after F25 beta freeze is over.


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