The integration labs project has a new puppetmaster,
integration-puppetmaster01. It is using Debian Jessie instead of Ubuntu
Precise, and the role::puppet::standalone class instead of
role::puppet::self. This is the same code that the labs/productions
puppetmasters use, not a copy. :)

The following cherry-picks were copied over:

f435b59 contint: role for Android testing
7688f83 (DO NOT SUBMIT) contint: pin firefox to 46 on Trusty
7ca33f5 ci: Role for running Raita

If a cherry-pick was missed, please let me know or just re-apply it

One minor change is that to restart the puppetmaster, you now use
"service apache2 restart", NOT "service puppetmaster restart".

I have shutdown the old integration-puppetmaster instance, and will
delete it in a week if there are no issues.

Thank you to Yuvi for doing most of the work in the transition!

-- Legoktm

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