A clueless late night thought, probably somewhere between Pywikibot,
Selenium, headless browsers, and helping our communities.

Have some code that
* goes to $langcode.$site.org
* logs in on that site
* enables all gadgets in user preferences of that sites
* goes to a random page on that sites
* attaches ?action=edit&debug=true to the URL
* collects all JS error messages, deprecation warnings, and related
  URLs for broken gadgets etc. (browser's developer tools' console)
* knows the corresponding village pump of that site, or gathers 
  the user account who was the last editor of the affected gadget
* posts the error message and the gadget URL on that local village
  pump or the user talk page of the last gadget editor.

Has someone tried that before?
Do I miss any steps?
And does that make any sense?

Andre Klapper | Wikimedia Bugwrangler

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