Dear All,

I want to mark some duplicate bugs and I have a question.

Suppose the bugs are numbered 2, 4, and 6.  I have been working on
number 4, because I did not know about number 2.  For this reason,
number 4 has more comments on BugZilla and my GitHub PR refers to it.

I will declare that no. 6 is a duplicate, because it was reported

Can I indicate that no. 2 is a duplicate of no. 4 even if it was
reported before, although according to a strict time-based logic it
should be the opposite (i.e. that no. 4 is a duplicate of no. 2)?

The reason I believe it would be better to flag no. 2 as duplicated of
no. 4 is because report no. 4 contains much more data about the
problem and IMHO it should ``stand out'' with respect to the others.

Thank you in advance for your guidance,

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