Am 11.04.21 um 20:58 schrieb Carl Marcum:
Since this is a rather large pull request based on many commits I want to use lazy consensus here.

This PR-125 [1] is based on a lot of work by Damjan and a few others on fixing flaky automated tests and other improvements that could be back-ported to the 4.1 line. Also included is a fix for the 3 FVT tests that hang waiting on the test runner to accept a dialog.
As I run a lot of these tests I think these are useful to the 4.1 line.

Everything is below the test directory so it should not affect any builds.

Unless there are objections I plan to pull these in to the 4.1.X branch after 72 hours.


please wait until the new release is done.

We shouldn't do too many things at the same time on the same loction.



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