Hello all,

I am back already.  I found a bug similar to the bug reported previously with "If...then...else" followed by a comment.

In the present case, the bug concerns a Label "exitfunction" that follows a line "if...then Resume" ; here is the code :

   Function EffacerFichier(nom As String, msg As String) As Boolean
        Dim nb As Long
      On Error GoTo erreur
       EffacerFichier = True
   GoTo exitfunction
      nb = nb + 1
      If nb<3 Then Resume
   End Function

The error message states : "Label 'exitfunction' undefined.

However when inserting a blank line just before the label 'exitfunction', the compiler parses OK.

I tested it on both OO4.1.6 and OO4.1.12, both fail.

Sorry for that,

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