I'm trying to write a module that generates wsdl_foo.h and
wsdl_foo.cpp from foo.wsdl, using KDSoap's kdwsdl2cpp

After it is generated, the wsdl_foo.h should be parsed by moc, as it
contains an QObject based class.

The problem is that moc is sometimes called and sometimes isn't. If I
delete the build tree and try to run qbs from scratch, the moc is not
run and the build fails.

But if I touch my kdsoap.qbs module, even if I don't change anything
in it, and then run again qbs, the moc is run and my project builds.

I'm running qbs from qtcreator, on linux, using the latest qt from qt.io.

I've attached my kdsoap.qbs module.



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