> > What is the suggest way to add non-default build variants in Qbs?
> > Example: In addition to debug and release, we want to support a build 
> > variant releaseWithDebugInfo.
> I don't think this is actually true. In particular, if have no idea what "add 
> more in a project file" means.
> The buildVariant property is used for two things:
> 1) A number of other properties derive their default values from it, e.g.  
> cpp.optimization. These can
> of course be overwritten, so in effect you have a custom build variant then.
> 2) There are several places where we assume one of "debug" and "release", for 
> instance when
> deciding which variant of the Qt libraries to link against. Therefore, I 
> think you need to go with one
> of the two predefined values.


I also found QBS-88 which seems to address what we need.


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