Hi everyone,

with 2 months passing by, I am still looking for QE Training Ambassador for
Ra'anana office.
If you are interested contact me off-list, please.

All the relevant information is on mojo[1].

On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 3:22 PM, Lukas Svaty <lsv...@redhat.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Administrative Operations Panel took over new project QA Training and QA
> Training Ambassador[1], so we will have equally trained QE associates in
> all the locations and all the BUs. The project was based on an idea to
> ensure every quality engineer is ISTQB certified. I am looking for a
> representative from all the RH sites who will be able to spend some time on
> this project, and I am missing one for Ra'anana. He/She would have some of
> these in responsibility, which I believe should not take much time off work
> schedule.
> * In early stages of project join the project's meetings 30minutes every
> ~2 weeks in early stages to define the project considering all sites
> * Join review meetings to track the progress of the program
> * Keep track of ISTQB and other QE based certification for Ra'anana
> (project will design tools for this)
> * Communicate with appropriate people in Ra'anana in case some new
> training is required, to ensure it is available to Quality Engineers
> * Keep in touch with other QE Training Ambassadors from different sites,
> to share the progress of training QE employees.
> Currently, the project is in the early stage, as we are just past the
> definition[1].
> If anybody would like to join this effort and become QE Training
> Ambassador for Ra'anana site now is your chance to raise your hand.
> [1] https://mojo.redhat.com/docs/DOC-1149937
> Thank you,
> Lukas SVaty
> Red Hat Czech Republic, Brno <https://www.redhat.com/>
> <https://red.ht/sig>
> TRIED. TESTED. TRUSTED. <https://redhat.com/trusted>
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