Am 15.09.2016 um 17:51 hat Eric Blake geschrieben:
> On 09/15/2016 03:35 AM, Kevin Wolf wrote:
> >>>  
> >>> -- "device": block device name (json-string)
> >>> +- "device": block device name (deprecated, use @id instead)
> >>> +            (json-string, optional)
> >>> +- "id": the name or QOM path of the guest device (json-string, optional)
> >>>  - "force": if false (the default), an eject request will be sent to the 
> >>> guest if
> >>>             it has locked the tray (and the tray will not be opened 
> >>> immediately);
> >>>             if true, the tray will be opened regardless of whether it is 
> >>> locked
> >>
> >> Are there any example code snippets that should be updated alongside
> >> this? If not, should we be thinking of adding an example?
> > 
> > We could probably update the examples to avoid deprecated fields in
> > them. Though the old examples still work, so is it worth changing all
> > examples if we're goig to remove qmp-commands.hx anyway? Or will the
> > examples be moved to somewhere else?
> Marc-Andre is moving the examples into qapi-schema.json (and friends),
> over the course of multiple commits.  It's going to be a lot of churn
> and potential merge conflicts, based on what changes go into
> qmp-commands.hx after his work starts, but hopefully we can avoid things
> slipping through the cracks, without too much rebase pain on either
> Marc-Andre or other developers.

Ok, I'm changing the examples from 'device' to 'id' now. And actually
the first one immediately made me notice that the DEVICE_TRAY_MOVED
event needs to be changed, too (because its 'device' field can be empty
now). Matter for another series, but I put it on my list.


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