On 11.10.19 09:27, Thomas Huth wrote:
> On 10/10/2019 17.24, Max Reitz wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Perhaps the main reason we cannot run important tests such as 041 in CI
>> is that when they care Unix sockets in $TEST_DIR, the path may become
>> too long to connect to them.
>> To get by this problem, this series lets the check script create a new
>> temporary directory (mktemp -d) and then makes the iotests use it for
>> all Unix sockets.
> Thanks a lot for tackling this!
> I gave it a try, and most tests work fine now indeed when I run them in
> a directory with a veeeery long file name.
> I still get an error with 028 though:

I still don’t know about 055, but for 028 it looks like a race.

We have this:

> _send_qemu_cmd $h "drive_backup disk ${TEST_IMG}.copy" "(qemu)" >/dev/null
> _send_qemu_cmd $h "" "Formatting" | _filter_img_create

But it looks to me like the “Formatting” line comes earlier when the
path is longer.  No, I don’t know.

What I do know is that this looks wrong altogether.  Why would the
(qemu) prompt necessarily appear before the “Formatting” message?  I
think the drive-backup job creates the image before it is guaranteed to

So I think the solution is to s/(qemu)/Formatting/ in the expected
return value, replace the “"" "Formatting"” line by “"" "(qemu)"”, and
drop the “Formatting” output from the reference output.  (And add an
empty “(qemu)” line to the reference output.)


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