For long test image paths, the order of the "Formatting" line and the
"(qemu)" prompt after a drive_backup HMP command may be reversed.  It is
not well-defined anyway, so just silence everything and wait until we
get a prompt.

Reported-by: Thomas Huth <>
Signed-off-by: Max Reitz <>
 tests/qemu-iotests/028     | 6 ++++--
 tests/qemu-iotests/028.out | 1 -
 2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/tests/qemu-iotests/028 b/tests/qemu-iotests/028
index 71301ec6e5..da3187719a 100755
--- a/tests/qemu-iotests/028
+++ b/tests/qemu-iotests/028
@@ -119,8 +119,10 @@ fi
 # Silence output since it contains the disk image path and QEMU's readline
 # character echoing makes it very hard to filter the output. Plus, there
 # is no telling how many times the command will repeat before succeeding.
-_send_qemu_cmd $h "drive_backup disk ${TEST_IMG}.copy" "(qemu)" >/dev/null
-_send_qemu_cmd $h "" "Formatting" | _filter_img_create
+# Furthermore, the order of the "Formatting" line and the "(qemu)" prompt
+# is undefined.
+_send_qemu_cmd $h "drive_backup disk ${TEST_IMG}.copy" "Formatting" >/dev/null
+_send_qemu_cmd $h "" "(qemu)" >/dev/null
 qemu_cmd_repeat=20 _send_qemu_cmd $h "info block-jobs" "No active jobs" 
 _send_qemu_cmd $h "info block-jobs" "No active jobs"
 _send_qemu_cmd $h 'quit' ""
diff --git a/tests/qemu-iotests/028.out b/tests/qemu-iotests/028.out
index 7d54aeb003..37aed84436 100644
--- a/tests/qemu-iotests/028.out
+++ b/tests/qemu-iotests/028.out
@@ -468,7 +468,6 @@ No errors were found on the image.
-Formatting 'TEST_DIR/t.IMGFMT.copy', fmt=IMGFMT size=4294968832 
backing_file=TEST_DIR/t.IMGFMT.base backing_fmt=IMGFMT
 (qemu) info block-jobs
 No active jobs
 === IO: pattern 195

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