02.07.2020 12:41, Max Reitz wrote:
I don’t know if doing it differently would actually be beneficial for
anyone, but OTOH naively it seems like a more invasive code change.

I don't see real benefits, we can go either way, so, not worth rewriting
the patch.


I feel like a stupid reviewer:)
Huh?  If anything, a stupid review on a design-changing patch would be a
plain “R-b” without having actually considered the impact.  You do
consider the impact and question it in all places.

I don’t think I need to mention this, but that’s a very good and
important thing to do, because it forces me to reason why we’d want this
or that design.  Without being questioned, I wouldn’t have to reason
about that.  (Which may be a problem in our patch workflow – authors
don’t need to reason unless questioned.[1])

Sorry if I gave the impression of dismissing your comments.  It should
be my burden to reason why I took certain design decisions.

No problem. I should better describe reasons for my suggestions as well, or
if I have no one, mark it as "thinking-out-loud" instead of recommended change.

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