Anthony Liguori wrote:
> Exactly.  If you have a good network connection, you'll tend to get 
> lucky.  The conditions for this race to happen are 1) a server receives 
> a SetPixelFormat with a different BPP 2) the server has already sent 
> data on the wire in the previous BPP but the client did not receive it 
> before sending the SetPixelFormat message.
> Changing the BPP is rare.  RealVNC does it because it attempts to be 
> smart about reducing bandwidth (it drops down to 8bpp and then goes back 
> up to 32bpp if the transfer rate is fast enough).
> The best way to avoid this behavior is to use AutoSelect=0 FullColor=1 
> on the vncviewer command line.

How do other VNC servers avoid this problem, or do they all have it?

-- Jamie

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