From: Shiju Jose <>

Add support for the feature commands, device patrol scrub control and
DDR5 ECS control features.

CXL spec 3.1 section describes optional device specific features.
CXL spec 3.1 section describes the device patrol scrub control
CXL spec 3.1 section describes the DDR5 Error Check Scrub (ECS)
control feature.

The patches are available here, branch: cxl-scrub-2024-02-15
and is based on Jonathan's branch 

v2 -> v3
1. Rebased and updated for 3.1 specification.

v1 -> v2
1. Changes for Davidlohr comments. Thanks.
 - Changed CXL SET feature data transfer flags as enum.
 - Modified pointer supported_feats to get_feats_out.
 - Removed an unnecessary branch.
 - Use MIN().
 - Move setting of hdr.nsuppfeats further down.
 - Return CXL_MBOX_UNSUPPORTED if non-zero selection flag is passed.
 - Add more IMMEDIATE_*.* flags set_feature.  
 - Corrected a spelling error.

Shiju Jose (3):
  hw/cxl/cxl-mailbox-utils: Add support for feature commands (
  hw/cxl/cxl-mailbox-utils: Add device patrol scrub control feature
  hw/cxl/cxl-mailbox-utils: Add device DDR5 ECS control feature

 hw/cxl/cxl-mailbox-utils.c | 368 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 368 insertions(+)


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