The following patches are queued for QEMU stable v7.2.10:

Patch freeze is 2024-03-02, and the release is planned for 2024-03-04:

Please respond here or CC on any additional patches
you think should (or shouldn't) be included in the release.

The changes which are staging for inclusion, with the original commit hash
from master branch, are given below the bottom line.



01 27eb8499edb2 Fabiano Rosas:
   migration: Fix use-after-free of migration state object
02 db101376af52 Yihuan Pan:
   qemu-docs: Update options for graphical frontends
03 615eaeab3d31 Richard W.M. Jones:
   block/blkio: Make s->mem_region_alignment be 64 bits
04 f670be1aad33 Jan Klötzke:
   target/arm: fix exception syndrome for AArch32 bkpt insn
05 d2019a9d0c34 Peter Maydell:
   system/vl.c: Fix handling of '-serial none -serial something'
06 747bfaf3a9d2 Peter Maydell:
   qemu-options.hx: Improve -serial option documentation
07 8a7315202033 Guenter Roeck:
   pci-host: designware: Limit value range of iATU viewport register
08 cd8a35b913c2 Akihiko Odaki:
   hw/smbios: Fix OEM strings table option validation
09 196578c9d051 Akihiko Odaki:
   hw/smbios: Fix port connector option validation
10 aa05bd9ef407 Andrey Ignatov:
   vhost-user.rst: Fix vring address description
11 c62926f730d0 Ira Weiny:
   cxl/cdat: Handle cdat table build errors
12 64fdad5e6758 Ira Weiny:
   cxl/cdat: Fix header sum value in CDAT checksum
13 729d45a6af06 Li Zhijian:
   hw/cxl: Pass CXLComponentState to cache_mem_ops
14 9a457383ce9d Zhenzhong Duan:
   virtio_iommu: Clear IOMMUPciBus pointer cache when system reset
15 8a6b3f4dc95a Zhenzhong Duan:
   smmu: Clear SMMUPciBus pointer cache when system reset
16 14ec4ff3e429 Jonathan Cameron:
   tests/acpi: Allow update of DSDT.cxl
17 d9ae5802f656 Jonathan Cameron:
   hw/i386: Fix _STA return value for ACPI0017
18 b24a981b9f1c Jonathan Cameron:
   tests/acpi: Update DSDT.cxl to reflect change _STA return value.
19 681dfc0d5529 Richard Henderson:
   linux-user/aarch64: Choose SYNC as the preferred MTE mode
20 64c6e7444dff Richard Henderson:
   target/arm: Fix nregs computation in do_{ld,st}_zpa
21 855f94eca80c Richard Henderson:
   target/arm: Fix SVE/SME gross MTE suppression checks
22 ac1d88e9e7ca Peter Maydell:
   target/arm: Don't get MDCR_EL2 in pmu_counter_enabled() before checking 
23 cc29c12ec629 Kevin Wolf:
   iotests: Make 144 deterministic again
24 81f5cad3858f Xiaoyao Li:
   i386/cpu: Clear FEAT_XSAVE_XSS_LO/HI leafs when CPUID_EXT_XSAVE is not 
25 a11a365159b9 Xiaoyao Li:
   i386/cpu: Mask with XCR0/XSS mask for FEAT_XSAVE_XCR0_HI and 
26 10f92799af8b Xiaoyao Li:
   i386/cpuid: Decrease cpuid_i when skipping CPUID leaf 1F
27 0729857c7075 Xiaoyao Li:
   i386/cpuid: Move leaf 7 to correct group
28 99d0dcd7f102 Ziqiao Kong:
   target/i386: Generate an illegal opcode exception on cmp instructions 
   with lock prefix
29 4cba8388968b Daniel P. Berrangé:
   ui: reject extended clipboard message if not activated
30 405484b29f65 Fiona Ebner:
   ui/clipboard: mark type as not available when there is no data
31 9c416582611b Fiona Ebner:
   ui/clipboard: add asserts for update and request
32 95b08fee8f68 Tianlan Zhou:
   ui/console: Fix console resize with placeholder surface
33 d67611907590 Akihiko Odaki:
   audio: Depend on dbus_display1_dep

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