I started porting QEMU to PalmOS. I already ported some projects successfuly 
(Like UAE and
dosbox) but dosbox is so slow. QEMU has less compatibility with games but it is 
much faster.
Now, I am having some problems with dyngen. Since QEMU supports ARM hosts I do 
not have
to modify the code. Detailed description of the problem follows:

Dyngen is used to create op.h, opc.h and gen-op.h during compilation. Since it 
is not possible to do
the actual compilation on Palm itself, I thought of creating dyngen executable 
on the compilation host
(PC with cygwin) and QEMU would then be built  for execution host (Palm). This 
idea worked fine,
but when dyngen was executed to create op.h I got an error:

"Unsupported data relocation."

I did some debugging to find out what the actual problem is, and this is what I 
found out:

Relocation types that fail are 25 and 26, which are R_ARM_GOTPC and R_ARM_GOT32
respectively. Their names are:


Is there a way to fix this?


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