Am 27.04.2012 22:21, schrieb Michael Roth:
> Currently string-output-visitor formats floats as %g, which is nice in
> that trailing 0's are automatically truncated, but otherwise this causes
> some issues:
>  - it 6 uses significant figures instead of 6 decimal places, which

"it uses 6 significant"

>    means something like 155777.5 (which even has an exact floating point
>    representation) will be rounded to 155778 when converted to a string.
>  - output will be presented in scientific notation when the normalized
>    form requires a 10^x multiplier. Not a huge deal, but arguably less
>    readable for command-line arguments.
>  - due to using sig figs instead of hard-defined decimal places, it

"six figs"?

>    fails a lot of the test-visitor-serialization unit tests for floats.
> Instead, let's just use %f, which is what the QJSON and the QMP visitors
> use.
> Signed-off-by: Michael Roth <>


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