On 28.04.2012 5:25 PM, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
Il 27/04/2012 18:52, Igor Mitsyanko ha scritto:

The other block device models use a property "drive" for connecting to a
block backend, usually via DEFINE_BLOCK_PROPERTIES().  Why is it
necessary for sd.c to be different?

SD card is not an instance of TYPE_DEVICE, we cant set a pointer to
BlockDriverState as a property of TYPE_SD_CARD object. I think in the
future we will just have TYPE_SD_CARD/child<TYPE_BLOCK_DRIVER_STATE>
or TYPE_SD_CARD/link<TYPE_BLOCK_DRIVER_STATE>, but now "device_id"
property seems like a nice solution.

I agree---however, calling it "drive" for consistency is nicer.

OK, no problem

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