On 01/05/12 07:57, Blue Swirl wrote:

Therefore I can't change it to my (modified) sbus_mmio_map() function
because it would break other non-SPARC platforms, and AIUI there is nothing
in the memory API that allows me to move a subregion to a different
MemoryRegion parent, even if I can get a reference to it with
sysbus_mmio_get_region() after the sysbus_mmio_map() call - or have I
misunderstood something?

Sysbus is used as a generic class for motherboard devices, there is an
assumption that there is no higher level bus. What we need here is a
full blown bus. The translations and mappigs between bus addresses and
motherboard addresses should be done in a Sysbus to SBus bridge
device, just like PCI host bridges do.

Since SBus is mapped directly to physical addresses, is this mapping not just 1:1? Or does it make sense to re-work all the offsets of the various peripherals to be from the base address of the first slot?



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