On 27/04/12 18:12, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
> Il 26/04/2012 15:49, Christian Borntraeger ha scritto:
>> +#ifdef __linux__
>> +    } else if (bdrv_ioctl(bs, HDIO_GETGEO, &geo) == 0) {
>> +        *pcyls = geo.cylinders;
>> +        *pheads = geo.heads;
>> +        *psecs = geo.sectors;
>> +        bdrv_set_geometry_hint(bs, *pcyls, *pheads, *psecs);
>> +#endif
> Perhaps you could instead move guess_disk_lchs to target-specific code,
> adding add this code to the s390-specific implementation and under
> #ifdef __s390__.  For x86 it doesn't make much sense, because a disk's
> geometry most likely will be a wrong guess for the geometry that a guest
> (for guests that care at all about geometries).

Fine with me. We care about the geometry only for dasd devices, Even for 
SCSI devices on s390 the geometry is not relevant. So moving that part to 
s390 specific code might make sense if nobody else needs that.
Is that the case?
Alex, would that be ok for you?


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