>>> Well, if guessing is a function
>>>  guess_size(disk_size, block_size)
>>> then we would be able to do the same on an image file. Christian, would 
>>> that work?
>> I think that the geometry values can not always be guessed correctly based on
>> block_size and disk_size.
>> Stefan, can you clarify that?
>> If we cannot reliably guess the geometry based on blocksize and size, I 
>> still think
>> that we should use the host values, e.g. after checking that BIODASDINFO2 
>> returns 
>> successfully.
> Yeah, but only if it's always possible to force a specific geometry through 
> the command line - otherwise reproducability suffers.

That is already possible, with the exception of the sector part of the geometry 
(see the other
patch :-) )


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