Hi beastcoders,

My question is if you are thinking in improve Qemu to add singular
characteristics whose aren't implemented in any VM sofware:

Building virtual machines taking only one big binary file (merging Qemu
engine and HD image file). It could be good for future portable aplications.
I thought this because I'm triying to do the simplest-ultra-secure Internet
navigatior. The idea is to generate a VM (with the lightest/functional O.S.
posibility and  increase speed at top) to content a Firefox installation
(with the most used complements into it). The main is to load all this VM
into the RAM and when it will turn off, it never has to save the session
changes, it allways must start at the beginning point.

Sorry, allways not. Sessions only will be modified in security-updates
and/or Firefox-complements.

Troyans, virus, spyware... will be better managed by people who hasn't any
idea in computers, because I wan't to transmit the simplest concept: "If you
want to use the Internet to do critical operations and you are very scared
by hackers, virus... because you hasn't any idea of manage security in
computers, you only have to run another VM-Firefox to enter in I.E: bank
sites and don't worry because you are keeped by the security of a castle"

I only want if you will implement that kind of emulation.


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