SCSI is not the problem as VirtualPC does not emulate it (Virtual Server does but not VPC up to 2007).

Basically the problem can be more related to ACPI.


En Wed, 01 Aug 2007 15:33:31 +0100, GUERRAZ Francois <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> escribió:


Micro$oft's 64bits OSes are known to be problematic w/ kvm.

I guess that the main problem w/ Qemu is that Microsoft Virtual Server
can emulate a SCSI controller and Qemu cannot... I havent checked but I
bet they installed their VM's with just SCSI drivers...
Try to install IDE drivers from VM Ware and then to boot from QEMU.
Also, try to disable ACPI (update the "computer" driver to "Standard PC"
if available)



Le mercredi 01 août 2007 à 23:35 +0930, Dan Shearer a écrit :
I have been playing around with the demonstration Windows images
downloadable from Microsoft just to see how hard it would be to use the
OSs they provide. The images are designed for Microsoft Virtual Server,
but can be successfully converted to qcow2 and vhdx using qemu-img. QEMU
won't boot the images (not a difficult problem, I think) but VMware can.
I'll try other free virtualisation systems at some point.

See for my notes so far.

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