This is a fun little patch which adds an ssh-based block device.
Nearly every Unix/Linux server runs an ssh daemon.  This new block
device lets qemu ssh into those servers and use files on those servers
as disks:

 qemu-system-x86_64 -m 512 \
    -drive file=ssh://rjones@onuma/mnt/scratch/f15x32.img,if=virtio

If you want to test this, note that you will need to have ssh-agent
set up so there is passwordless access from your local machine to the
remote account.  Krb5 and other authentication methods (probably)
won't work.

I have tested with a couple of Windows and Linux guest images,
successfully booting and using those disks which are located on a
remote RHEL server over 100 Mbps ethernet.  Disk speed is reasonable
though not exactly fast.

It's not ready to be applied as it would be nice to fix the "easy to
fix" problems noted in the commit message.  Nevertheless I'd
appreciate an initial review.

Also: Is there any documentation on how coroutines / AIO work? (apart
from reading the code, which I've been doing)


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