my experience with the latest QEMU and MS-V is identical to Michael's,
so I think replacing pc-bios/bios.bin in CVS by a newer version of
Bochs which supports ACPI 2.0 (I took the latest stable version)
might help other users, too.

Is pc-bios/bios.diff still needed? Maybe it can be removed in CVS.


Michael Brown schrieb:

I was hitting the STOP 0x000000A5 error when attempting to boot Vista or
similar (Server 2008, WinPE) on current qemu CVS. Googling suggested that
this was a problem with the qemu BIOS not supporting ACPI 2.0.

Replacing pc-bios/bios.bin with the bios/BIOS-bochs-latest from current
bochs CVS fixed the problem, and I am now able to boot these operating
systems. This isn't a perfect solution, since the bochs BIOS is built
without #define BX_QEMU.

It looks as though the BIOS problem has been fixed upstream; could someone
who knows what they're doing rebuild pc-bios/bios.bin from the latest
bochs CVS and check it in to qemu CVS?



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