The VLANClientState structure has the member info_str, a simple string that
is filled with information about NIC devices and used on monitor calls.

There is no coherent formatting of this string by all the NIC devices,
making it difficult to parse and represent this information over QMP.

Patch 01 adds a new function qdict_to_qstring().

Patch 02 adds the function qemu_nic_format_info_dict and adds a new
QDict member to VLANClientState named info_dict.

Patches 03-10 updates all devices to feed information into the new QDict 

Patch 11 converts the 'info network' monitor command to QObject, enabling QMP

Patch 12 removes info_str from VLANClientState and the function

These series of patches were made on top of the qmp-unstable tree[1].




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